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1、 Creating a personal IP


It is a good way to attract Tiktok by creating personal IP, making vertical original videos, obtaining high exposure by high-quality content, and making users like and pay attention to it. With more fans, it can be easily realized later.


The premise is that you need to clarify the user profile of your fans, and then locate the content based on their tags and profiles.


2、 Using nicknames to attract traffic


A Tiktok number is a brand, and a Tiktok nickname is an important symbol of the brand. Nicknames themselves are responsible for the promotion of the Tiktok number. A good nickname can not only effectively reduce users' cognitive costs and communication costs, but also effectively occupy users' minds. What details should we pay attention to if we want to get a good Tiktok nickname?

[1] 不能包含貶義

[1] Cannot contain negative connotations

[2] 要有個性和特點

[2] To have personality and characteristics

[3] 盡量要短小精悍

[3] Try to be short and sharp as possible

[4] 選擇能夠突出賬號內涵或者個人特點的詞

[4] Choose words that highlight the content or personal characteristics of the account


[5] 可采用疊字法

[5] Reduplication method can be used


3、 Comment traffic


The second method of Tiktok drainage is comment drainage.


First, let's share the recommendation mechanism of Tiktok short videos. The recommendation mechanism of Tiktok is similar to that of today's headlines. After a Tiktok video is uploaded and approved, the system will first classify the videos into interest categories and push the videos to some users who often read such videos. Then, the system will analyze the data based on the full playback rate, likes, comments, and forwarding volume of this part of the audience after browsing the videos, and then decide whether to continue to recommend the videos to more people based on the quality of the video data.


For example, after your Tiktok video is released, the system will first show it to an average of 500 people. There may be 400 people clicking to browse, of which 300 people watch in full, 50 people like, 30 people comment, and 20 people share.


At this point, the system will determine that the video is of high quality and continue to recommend it to the next group of people. The recommended amount may increase to 1000 or 5000 people, and then decide whether to continue recommending based on the browsing data of the second group of people. By analogy, only when your video meets the requirements of the recommendation rules can you have more opportunities to receive free popular recommendations and gain more user attention. This way, whether promoting your brand or selling products in the future, you can achieve the goal of monetization.


To get to the point, let's continue discussing comment traffic. Comment drainage belongs to free traffic. If you want to use comment interaction to do a good job of Tiktok drainage, maintaining high interactivity is the key to comment drainage!


In order to achieve drainage through interactive comments, Tiktok videos must be interactive. The interactivity here not only refers to the resonance that the video content evokes among readers, but also includes stimulating their emotions and psychology of happiness, sadness, anger, identification, belonging, etc. after reading, so that readers can be willing to like, comment, or share after reading. Only video content with interactivity can attract more user attention.


4、 Comment section


If you want to attract traffic in the comment section, you may need a small account or find some water army. For example, when you mention a product or something, you can use the trumpet to bring rhythm in the comments. Many Tiktok users are particularly fond of reading comments. If you have enough water soldiers, you are recommending how to get a person's wiki, and people who see it will be more likely to believe it.


If you want to attract traffic in the comment section, you will need a small account and a navy. For example, when you mention a product or something. At this point, you can use the small account to add rhythm to the comments. Many Tiktok users especially like reading comments. If you have enough navy, it will greatly enhance your credibility and also enhance the audience's trust in you.


On the Internet, 80% of netizens are just following the crowd. They don't have their own ideas at all. When others say yes, they feel good.


This method can not only be used in Tiktok, but also in Zhihu, Jianshu, Douban and Tieba. There are many users on these platforms. You can find an article or post with more comments and start to brush it under the article related to your product, which can attract people.


5、 Using avatars to attract traffic


The Tiktok avatar is your logo. If you want to make your account more recognizable, you need to spend some time on the design of the avatar. An excellent Tiktok head portrait should have the following characteristics:

[1] 色彩鮮明

[1] Bright colors

[2] 圖片清晰

[2] Clear image

[3] 名字關聯

[3] Name association


matters needing attention


QR codes, WeChat, and other contact information cannot appear in the video, nor can they be found in the comments section. Don't think that using homophones is enough. I can clearly tell you that homophones will still be deleted. Of course, if you want to attract traffic, it doesn't matter.


Don't proactively send a large number of private messages about other people's contact information, as it may be detected and reported. You can ask others to leave their contact information.


Videos should not violate rules, such as bloody, violent, infringing, gray and black, politically sensitive, etc. These types of videos will not be recommended.




For ordinary people, positioning can be achieved through a monetization perspective, while for enterprises, positioning can be achieved through products, services, etc,.


Tiktok is actually divided into four categories: knowledge, life, entertainment and positive energy, and we can indeed include 99% of Tiktok's videos in these four categories.


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